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Laguna Beach Resort Jomtien 3 The Maldives Pattaya

Year over year many large and small investors are getting attracted by the dynamical development of the international resort zone in Pattaya which ensures steadily increasing real-estate prices and guarantees rental demand. The investors are faced with the choice, either to buy an oceanic «summer house» as a holiday station, or to purchase an apartment for future rent, or to invest into Pattaya real-estate market aiming at future investment opportunities.

The general tendency is that it is much easier to acquire an apartment in a new condominium on the construction stage rather than to buy a finalized residential property. The underlying reason is self-evident, since an investor can pay for the apartment by installments over few years until the project is completed. That is naturally more beneficial, convenient and attractive than paying the total amount at once.

Laguna Beach Resort 3 (The Maldives) is destined to become one of those residential projects that raise good money for its investors. This will be a large condominium representing the third component of the Laguna Beach project. The new condo will be erected in the vicinity of Jomtien Beach, just 700 m away from this popular touristic recreational zone. On the other hand, the residential compound will adjoin the first part of the Thai estate project, Laguna Beach 1.

This unique project including 1600 apartments will be composed of seven 8-storey buildings. The overall site area covers 25,000 sqm that will accommodate extended infrastructure. Hence the new condominium will not just be a comfortable family nest, but will also pursue an ambitious goal to become «a city in the city».

The project designers were inspired by unmatched enchanting beauty of the Maldive Islands, and as a result the atmosphere of boundless freedom and quiet seclusion will prevail in the new condominium. The lagoon-like swimming pool with artificial islands and three beaches, the tropical gardens stretching along the entire territory and formidable landscaping area of 5,700 sqm will contribute to the paradise feel.

Each apartment in Laguna Beach Resort 3 (The Maldives) will be bathing in sunlight, transcending tranquility and harmony. The broad variety of the apartments, ranging from spacious 23 sqm studios to 60 sqm apartments with a separate bedroom, is able to satisfy even the most exquisite taste.

The designers also took into account varying psychological preferences of the future apartment owners. Some flats will overlook the swimming pool and the gardens inducing the intimate atmosphere of a secluded retreat, whereas the other apartments will provide their energetic and active owners with the perfect view on the entire site infrastructure. It will be possible to merge few living spaces into one on the initial stage of the construction, thus creating luxurious three-room apartments from two or three studios. This service will be offered free of charge.

Each apartment will have a balcony and will be equipped with a fire-safety system, high-quality bathroom fitment, energy-saving air-conditioners, a stylish and comfortable built-in kitchen and all necessary pieces of furniture, e.g. a double bed, nightstands, a dinner table with chairs, a sofa and a coffee table. The full-finishing is included in the apartment price. The project creators literally took care of all tenants’ needs!

The compound territory is protected by surveillance cameras and is being guarded on the 24 h basis. The building can be entered only with an electronic access card which will be given individually to every tenant.

The building blocks are distributed in such a manner that the maximal distance between them equals 120 m. This definitely enhances the feel of freedom reigning in the housing estate. The unique character of the project is further solidified by the spacious underground parking, gyms, large shops, high-standard comfy bars and restaurants, the fitness studio, the massage parlor and spa, not to forget the kids karting and lavish landscaping, all together representing the one of its kind Laguna Beach Resort brand.

A free electric car will bring the tenants to the Jomtien Beach. One can easily reach the city center as well, since it is located just 2 km away from the condominium. Those who are not so much into walking or car-driving as well as beach-related rest, may enjoy a calm family party in one of the specially designed recreational areas.

The estimated time of the construction completion for Laguna Beach Resort 3 (The Maldives) project is 2017. The apartment prices start at 820,000 THB. Purchase requests from potential buyers are already being accepted from June 1, 2012. Moreover, strong investors may profit from the special “prestarting” prices. The number of these special offers is limited, so it is only reasonable to invest into your own piece of the “Maldive bliss” right now!

Installment payment plan:

  • 20,000 THB for apartment reservation;
  • 20% of the apartment’s cost over 30 days after the reservation, upon signing the contract;;
  • 50% of the apartment’s cost via 12% semiannual payments over 2.5 years;
  • 30% upon check-in.

Additional fees on completion:

  • Sinking fund (one-time payment): 500 baht per sqm;
  • Monthly maintenance fee: 40 baht per sqm;
  • Installation of water and electricity meters (one-time payment): ca. 10 000 baht;
  • Governmental tax on registration of property rights – 1% of the apartment’s cost.




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